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29 November 2004 @ 04:16 pm
This site- http://www.meetup.com has come to my attention recently, and maybe I'm behind the times, but I think it's the best idea since sci-fi conventions.

Problems though,

1- There is no X-files meetup in my area

2- The Buffy meetup in my area is in disrepair and seems less than active.

I realized this might just be a common problem, and I imagine there are many other people out there with a longing to meet fellow X-philes and Buffy fanatics, so I'm cross posting this in all relevant communities I'm a part of in hopes that you'll go and checkout this site, and pass it on to all your other friends and make it a popular thing so maybe the St. Paul/ Minneapolis area people might start showing up?

check it out!

20 October 2004 @ 05:38 pm
I don't know how many people get entertainment weekly, but my eyes was immedeatley drawn to a little snippet about James, and an upcoming appearance on a show I would otherwise never ever watch. I know some people are boycotting the WB, as am I, but might we Marsters fans lift this boycott for just one episode of one show to show our love for the man? Nothing says bring back Spike like high neilsen ratings, right? Send the WB a clear message. WATCH THIS!! please?
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16 October 2004 @ 11:43 pm
okay, this question is slightly off-topic, but I have no idea how to get the answer on my own without watching lots and lots of DVDs. I have recently been watching Angel season four, and in one of the earlier episodes it depicts Holtz's daughter as a vampire child, and when I saw it it occured to me that I don't recall seeing any other child vampires in either series. I'd like to know if this is my memory failing me, and what other episodes if any, have had children depicted as vampires.
12 September 2004 @ 04:46 pm
1. What's your favourite season? And why?
Four. because I like to watch Riley and Spike fight over stuff. Even if stuff is Buffy. and I like Oz. no bad there. Spike's chip! and the initiative was cool, no matter what everybody says...

2. What's your favourite episode? And why?
fool for love, large amounts of William.

3. What's your favourite episode from season 1?
prophecy girl.

4. What's your favourite episode from season 2?
School Hard. there were alot of great episodes, and alot of not very good ones, but I have to side with the celebration of Spike and Dru as characters, it's very lovely.

5. What's your favourite episode from season 3?
Helpless or Dopplegangland

6. What's your favourite episode from season 4?
oh god I can't choose...

7. What's your favourite episode from season 5?
Fool for Love

8. What's your favourite episode from season 6?
I can't choose! Once more with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Dead things, As you were, and Normal again

9. What's your favourite episode from season 7?
Also a very hard choice. I love "Potential" It may be beat out though, because there's two episodes in this season I haven't seen.

10. Who's your favourite character? Why?
Spike. besides the fact that he's just so loveable and attractive, he makes one of the most moving journeys on the series, he's like a child, feeling things out. Becoming more human is a learning experience for him, and it fascinating to watch.

11. Who's your least favourite character? Why?
Warren. I've never hated a Buffy villian before...

12. Who was your favourite big bad? Why?
Glory. she was soo kickass, and humorous, too.

13. Least favourite big bad? Why?
The Master. he had his moments, but he just didn't seem active enough about it. kindof a snooze-fest

14. Do you like Kennedy?

15. Who's your favourite couple?
Do Spike and Anya count? well, if not, Willow and Oz.

16. If you could have any two people hook up from Buffy, who would YOU pick?
Spike and Anya.

17. Would it be a serious relationship or just once for sex type of thing?
A serious relationship. They both need someone they can depend on.

18. Do you think Spike and Buffy make a cute couple?
um. no. never. abusive relationships aren't cute.

19. Which fight on Buffy do you think was the best?
wow....well, I really enjoyed Faith and Buffy throwing down.

20. If you could make any two Buffy characters fight... who would they be?
Spike and Angel. with oil of some kind involved....

21. Who would win?

22. Would the other die?
oh hell no, I'd run in and stop him.

Other Stuff

23. Do you often say, 'Oh my JOSS!'?

24. Who was your favourite musical guest on Buffy?
michelle branch, were there any others worth mentioning?

25. Which season do you think Buffy had the best hair?
early six, not late six.

26. Willow?
oh season 4!

27. Xander?
did he ever? maybe season 4....

28. Giles?
does Giles hair change?

29. Did you like Maggie Walsh's hair?
the butch lesbian cut? no.

30. If you could meet any Buffy cast member, or special guest, or even an extra... who would it be?
James Marsters. I bet he's sweet. In a loveable dumb way...

31. How many times do you think about Buffy a day?
atleast fifty

32. Do you like to read Buffy fanfiction?
only some of it, some is just god-awful.

33. If so, who are your favourite characters to read about?
I like the Spike/Willow fiction, it's interesting. ha, and of course Spangel slash!

34. Do you write Buffy fanfiction?

35. If so, who do you write about?
I created a slayer character of my own and write fiction about her.

36. Would you take a college class just about Buffy?
I've been looking for one. I'd love to philosophically tear apart the show with a group of my peers.

37. If you were ever to be a guest on Buffy, would you be a bad guy, good guy, an extra, an ubie?
damn, I wanna be bad!

38. Would you die?
sure, but only if I get to come back as a ghost in another episode.

39. Would you make out with Willow?
if it was in character, oh hell yeah!

40. Would you make out with Andrew?
sure, why not?

41. Do you think Anya is sexy with her demon face?
sorry no.

42. Which Buffy character do you most resemble?
I think with my new hair I sorta look a little like Willow....

43. Which Buffy character do you act like most?

44. If you were in the episode 'Earshot' and Buffy heard your thoughts, what would she hear?
"oh look, there's the bitch queen of bitchhell....I hope she doesn't try to talk to me."

45. Do you ever think about poisoning everybody in your school with rat poison?
I am past the petty bounds of highschool, I need not ponder such things anymore.

46. If you could write an episode about Buffy, what would your episode be about?
I'd conclude the whole Angel and Spike fighting over Buffy saga....

47. If Anya offered to get revenge on anyone for you, who would you chose?
I don't have the stomach for revenge.

48. What would she do to him/her?
um....excessive tickling? see, I just can't do it...

49. If you could choose any character to die, who would it be?
...if I had to? because I wouldn't kill them off with a song in my heart....I luv mah Buffy chars...

50. Would that character be Kennedy?
nope. love her too.

51. During which episode do you think Willow and Tara first had sex?
wow, never actually thought about it. but now I will.

52. What do you think really happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico?
I think I formulated a theory that Dawn accidentally killed her? oh horror....

53. Did you like Tara?
how could you not?

54. Would you like it if Joss Whedon made a Buffy movie?
yes, and I would watch it even if it was a complete piece of trash.

55. If you could choose any character from Buffy to move on to Angel next season... who would you choose?
this is just a cruel question, considering. But if I could migrate a second Buffy char to Angel, it would be Willow.

56. If you could choose to bring back any dead character, who would you choose?
ooh...tough. Cordelia.

57. Who was your favourite member of the Watchers Council?
counting the ex-council members? Giles.

58. Do you think Oz had hypertrichosis?
what's that?

59. Do you own any of the Buffy DVDs?

60. Which season(s)?

61. Do you own any other Buffy merchandise?
oh lord, three buffy books, Angel and Spike cardboard cut outs, posters, action figures, planner, calendar, necklace, cell phone cover, CD case, soundtracks....

62. Do you think Joss Whedon should make a show about Willow and Tara?
honestly, I think it would be to much to ask. Willow and Tara are wonderful and cut and cuddly, but it's hard to spin them off without things getting boring. Maybe they can be the wacky neighbors in the Spike spinoff...

63. If there was an 8th season, who do you think the big bad could be?
I think it'd be big-badless, for the first time. just lots of little bads along the way.

64. If Joss Whedon made a new series about any Buffy character (older and dead characters count too), who would you like it to be about?

65. Do you think Dawn and Connor would make a cute couple?

66. Do you think Joss Whedon should have given Dawn a boyfriend?
nah...not by seventh season, anyway.

67. Do you wish Dawn had died in the season finale of season 5?
not a chance. It would just give Buffy an excuse to start doing drugs or cutting or something like to it in the Buffyverse.

68. Who's your favourite vampire?
oh you know that.

69. Who was your favourite principal?

70. Do you know what a Razorback is?

71. Do you think it's unfair that only females can be slayers?
um...it's a metaphor for femenine empowerment.....

72. Do you believe Buffy was really in heaven?
I believe her.

73. Do you have Buffy posters in your room?
yep, just one.

74. If so, of which characters?

75. If you could sleep with any Buffy character, who would it be?
.....have you not been listening?

76. Would you have a threesome with Giles and Professor Walsh?
omg, excuse me while I puke...

77. Do vampires have sperm?
hmm....no. which takes away the pressure of the question spit or swallow....

78. Do you think Willow is ever going to finish college?

79. If Eliza Dushku's new show gets picked up, will you watch it?
Tru Calling? ugh.

80. Who's your favorite Buffy writer?
I don't really have the information to make an educated decision. NOT whoever wrote the atrosity at the end of season six.

81. If Buffy Animated is ever made, will you watch it?
yup. only if the actors sign on to do voices, though.

82. Do you read the Buffy comics?
yes, they suck.

83. Do you read Buffy novels?

84. Who do you think Buffy should be with in the end?
No one. I would not subject any man to the trials of Buffy.

85. What do you think about the character Buffy Summers?
She's....she's a good girl. She's just really fucked up and likes to spread it around alot. She has no respect for the men in her life because of the way her father was, she's almost incapable of forgiveness, likes to judge other people's decisions when her own really aren't that great....and she never apologized to Spike for what she did to him all sixth season.

This Or That

86. Buffy or Faith? Faith

87. Angel or Spike? Spike

88. Oz or Tara? Oz...sorry.

89. Tara or Kennedy? Tara

90. Oz or Kennedy? Oz

91. Xander or Andrew? Andrew

92. Anya or Willow? OH GOD! I don't know!!!

93. Buffy or Willow? Willow

94. Sunday or Harmony? Harmony

95. Professor Walsh or Adam? Adam

96. Giles or Wesley? Giles

97. Willow or Tara? Willow

98. Miss Kitty Fantastico or Willow's fish? Miss Kitty

99. Once More With Feeling or Hush? OMWF

100. Under Your Spell or I'll Never Tell? I'll never tell

101. Giles or Tara? Giles

102. Clem or Spike? Spike

103. Drusilla or Darla? Drusilla

104. Xander or Spike? Spike

105. Cordelia or Harmony? Cordelia

106. Jonathan or Andrew? Andrew

107. Joyce or Hank? Joyce

108. Glory or The Master? Glory.

109. AprilBot or BuffyBot? BuffyBot

110. AprilBot or Katrina? AprilBot

111. Dawn or Anya? hmm....Anya? maybe...

112. Angel or Angelus? Angel

113. Evil Spike, Chipped Spike, Souled/Chipped Spike, or Souled Spike? all of the above :)

114. Dead Buffy or Buffy? Buffy

115. Buffy or BuffyBot? Buffybot

116. Xander or Willow? Willow

117. Andrew or Anya? Anya

118. Spike or Drusilla? Spike

119. Jenny or Olivia? Jenny

120. Computer Willow or Magicks Willow? I love all Willows.

121. Scruffy Xander or Suave Xander? Scruffy Xander

122. Army Xander or Pirate Xander? Army Xander...drool....

123. Xander/Cordy or Xander/Anya? Xander/Anya.

124. Willow/Tara or Willow/Kennedy? Willow/Tara.

125. Human Oz or Werewolf Oz? Human Oz

126. Veruca or Willow? Willow

127. Spike almost naked or Xander in a speedo? SPIKE

128. Kennedy alive or Kennedy dead? alive

129. The First Evil or The Mayor? The First Evil, I thought it was so cool how it could take on all those shapes...

130. Spike's chest or Andrew's? Spike's

131. Human Willow or Vamp Willow? human

132. Human Xander or Vamp Xander? vamp...drool...

133. Rich Cordy or Poor Cordy? I love both.

134. Straight Willow or Gay Willow? no choosing there, she's always been gay....

135. Kathy or Dawn? Dawn

136. Drunk Buffy or Sober Buffy? Drunk

137. Riley or Spike? Spike

138. Riley or Angel? Angel

139. Riley or a stick? Riley

140. Old Sunnydale High or new Sunnydale High? Old Sunnydale High

141. Demon Giles or Human Giles? Human

142. Faith awake or Faith in a coma? Awake

143. Superstar Jonathan or Earshot Jonathan? Earshot

144. Buffy/Angel having sex, Buffy/Riley having sex, or Buffy/Spike having sex? Buffy/Riley sex was always so sweet...

145. Dracula or The First Evil? First evil. Drac was lame on Buffy.

146. Chinese Slayer or Nikki? chinese slayer. I wish we saw more of her.

147. Angel's hair back in the 18th century or now? now, is in, before season 5 when he got metrosexual.

148. Olaf or Xander? xander.

149. Dawn yelling 'Get out! Get out! Get out!' or Dawn singing? the first one.

150. Dead Joyce or Alive Joyce? Alive

151. Smart Tara or Special Ed Tara? Smart Tara

152. The Buffy gang with their memory or without their memory? without...on special occasions where I can watch. Yay Joan and Randy!

153. Sam or Buffy? Sam, she ROCKED.

154. Juggling Buffy or Charades Buffy? Charades?

155. Anya's wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses? I liked her dress...kinda.

156. Xander's family or Anya's demon friends? anya's friends

157. Crazy Buffy or Slayer Buffy? crazy was pretty cool.

158. Willow/Tara arguing or Willow/Tara making out? making out, duh.

160. Xander/Anya having sex or Anya/Spike having sex? Anya/Spike

161. Black Magic Willow or Yellow Crayon Willow? yellow crayon Willow

162. Rona or Chao-Ahn? Chao-Ahn!! yeeaahh!

163. Caleb or Mr. Trick? Mr.Trick

164. Dawn or Willow? Willow

165. Drusilla and Spike together or Spike and Buffy together? Drusilla/Spike

166. Tara alive or Tara dead? Alive

167. Willow in England or Willow in Sunnydale? Sunnydale

168. Xander with one eye or two? two, the eye loss broke my heart.

169. Dawn as a ball of energy or human Dawn? human
10 September 2004 @ 01:26 pm
So my original fandom, the one I was involved in before Buffy, is X-files. I recently discovered that I'm not exactly alone in this, and delighted by the idea of conversing with my peers, I made a community for the Carter/Whedon fan, unsung_heros If you happen to like X-files as well, please comes and join up, help us carry conversation and such.
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23 August 2004 @ 12:13 am
So the reason this site has been being neglected is mostly because of my X-files fanatacism coming back in full force, that, and I started downloading Angel season 5.

So, I will review an episode now, because I like comments, and reviews do seem to generate them. I feel sortof indifferent about "Inca Mummy Girl," though. I do like the interlocking themes, looking at being a vampire slayer as being a sacrifice to a generation, dying so others could live. I became fascinated with the topic around season seven, and immedeatley backtracked to seek out the theme in other episodes. Personally, I think being a vampire slayer is about the most tragic thing that can happen to a girl in the Whedonverse.

I think in these episodes leading up to "Halloween" they seem to play Giles' wussyiness up a whole lot, perhaps in an attempt to make it all the more shocking when you get a glimpse of "The Ripper." He is flinching AWFULLY hard when he and Buffy are sparring. Xander's inappropriate jealousy of the potentially icky forgien exchange student is more anoying than it is endearing, but I did enjoy this bit of Buffy-speak:
"and we enter dateville. Romance, flowers...lips."

The moment when they're figuring out what happened to Rodney feels a little forced, I think it's a matter of bad line delivery.

And Xander falling all over himself, drooling, and carrying on like a big dork when they pickup Ampata is not one bit appealing, I don't know if it's supposed to be, though. Yes, she's curvy and the accent is cute, but contain yourself man.

I would just like to point out that I am one of the few who see that Cordelia is SO out of greasy lead-singer Devon's league. Oh man could she do better. Maybe she was going through a "rebel without a brain" stage.

This scene also marks the historic first appearance of one of the most beloved ex-Sunnydale characters, Oz. Take a moment to reflect on him in his indifferent glory.

The twinkie scene on the bleachers is the only time I find Xander endearing through this whole episode. But watching it does usually cause me to marvel at what a funny looking kid Xander Harris really is. Eyebrows, head shape, long neck, ears that stick out...no wonder he's unsure of himself with girls, he must have recieved quite a few rejections over the years from the more shallow girls he seems to constantly pursue.

yay for white trash Buffy! it's very cute. :) I like her hair all willy nilly and her clothes plain, for some reason.

for some reason, the whole Xander and Ampata at the dance drama is COMPLETELY overshadowed by the above ^ much more touching interaction, which is funny, because there is no interaction there at all. I must admit to great amounts of mushiness and a little bit of squealing over this moment in particular.

oh poor jonathan...always the near victim or last moment hostage.
I do thoroughly enjoy that Cordelia's exchange student Sven does find himself a girl at the dance. Adorable detail. And in the end, aparently love didn't conquer all, but we do learn that Buffy is morally stronger than Ampata was, which I kinda new from the begining of the episode.
20 August 2004 @ 04:06 am
new art from the desktop of lil 'ol me.

please comment! tell me what you think!

also, I must make sure EVERYONE has seen this-

YES, I have a secret and unhealthy love for the wide world of SLASH! I admit it! And this...this is slash of the best kind.
12 August 2004 @ 07:48 pm
so, if I started an rp community, would anyone join?
06 August 2004 @ 10:41 pm
this is my new journal name, since I got locked out of my own by my old journal. Until I feel inspired to post a new review, which will happen, I promise, I will post art and stuff that tickles my fancy, buffy related, of course. Here's some of my photoshop stuff.

29 July 2004 @ 02:00 am
bravestheart and i turned bocadelinfierno into a closed-membership community so she and i could have joint posting access; she'll mainly be responsible for the reviews & such, and i will be posting things like art periodically. we're really sorry about having to delete the old posts and therefore losing the comments; but we couldn't transform it into a community if we didn't. i am reposting and backdating those reviews.

the site is long overdue for some new episode critiques; danielle is currently in los angeles with one of our mutual friends. haha, she visited james marsters' apartment . . . or rather, his former apartment. his brother lives there now with some other guy. she talked to the other guy. he asked her if she was looking for spike. hahaha! so she didn't meet mr marsters, but she did see sarah michelle gellar the next day while they were at a stoplight! very exciting for her, she phoned me all in a tizzy. we minnesotans get very excited about such things, so little happens in our state :P

i expect she'll be back in about a week or so. hopefully there shall be many updates then.

and here are some useless dolls i made with the elouai candybar dollmaker; i know dru doesn't really look like herself but there was no proper hair that was like hers, and no clothes really - i edited that dress in photoshop from a skirt and a shirt. pah.

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